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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Megan's 1st Iowa State Fair

We took Megan to her very 1st Iowa State Fair. We only went for a little while cuz it was really humid out. I had won tickets to see Brad Paisley, Eric Church, and The Wreckers the 1st day so we looked at a few things that day also. We showed her some of the animals. She was just looking at all the people. There were sure ALOT of them today. We went into the horse barn and there were minature horses that we were looking at. Megan's eyes at first were really huge and she looked scared. I tried to take a pic quick but didn't get it. I told Joe to put her up by the horse again and the nose came up and Megan screamed. Joe said it scared him. I told him that she did a scared scream.

We tired her out for the little amount of time we had her there. We even went through this spraying water on the way out and she just kind of moved her arm just a little bit.


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