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Monday, July 07, 2008

Our vacation

Kenzee, Trent, Nicole and Justin.
Marckus was going up to pick her turtle out for
the turtle races. He won for the resort we were
staying at. His pic is on the Longville, MN website
for the next year.
In the fish house with some fish. Look at Megan.
She is holding her nose cuz it was stinky in there.
Rion, Stacy, Marckus and Tater Tot (Kenzee)

Trent, Megan and I

Grandpa, grandma and all the grandkids.

This is the start of the Mississippi River. Trent said that it is 18 feet across. Trent, Kenzee and Marckus are all crossing it and Stacy and Megan are right in front.

Some of the fish that were caught one day.

Stacy, Kenzee and Megan going for a ride.

Megan waiting to go for a ride.

Aunt Stacy and Megan

Marckus and Trent on one of the paddle boats


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