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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Megan is starting to be scared of people, even her grandparents. She did good yesterday with my aunts, uncles and sister here yesterday though. She cried in the morning but she did fine later with people holding her. She was sure tired last night. We played cards in the garage all day so she was out there and when we came in about 8:30 last night I couldn't get her to wake up. She would just grunt at me when I tried to wake her up. She slept until 4 this morning. One of my aunts must have had to work because she wasn't able to make it up to play cards. I didn't even win a game.

Megan is also starting to roll over. She rolls to her tummy and then starts getting mad but doesn't know how to flip back over yet. She was getting mad the other day and almost rolled to her back. Pretty soon she will be crawling all over and then the cat will be fair game........


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