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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Megan's 1st halloween

On Sunday Stacy, Marckus, Megan and myself went and got our pumpkins. When I got home I thought I should hurry up and take a pic since it was still somewhat warm out cuz this week was going to be cold.

Megan has 2 teeth on the bottom now. She has only tried once to stick my finger in her mouth to bite down. She does have a problem with pulling my hair though. Tonight I was trying to get her pjs on and she was starting to throw a fit and she reached up and YANK. I guess I should always keep it pulled back.

On Sunday we also went to the Designer Inn and Suites in Toledo and checked out their fantasy rooms. Those were some really cool rooms. I loved the jungle room and the Roman Empire room or whatever that one was called. I think they have a website so if you are curious you can go check it out.


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