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Friday, July 20, 2007

Kids on July 4

My computer had to be re-done so now that is it somewhat working correctly now I downloaded pictures from my aunts on July 4. My cousin Barb was back from Tennessee with her family and her brother Reed was back from New Mexico with his family and brand new baby.

This is the latest great-grandchild to the family. He was born at the end of May and his name is Seth. Isn't he cute??? Grandpa is feeding him. There is a new great-grandchild on the way due the end of December. All the little ones, isn't it fun.....

This is Zach. He is 17 and the oldest great-grandchild of the family. He is learning to play the guitar. He is a senior this year and he is learning to play the graduation march and his mom wants to take the guitar and put it over his head cuz she know he will be off to college next year.

These are some of the great-grandchildren of the family. Macy (7), Rachel (9), Nick (11), Marckus (8), Trent (12), Tyler (I think 11), Paige (5 or 6), Kenzee (12) and Courtney (8). Megan wasn't in these pics cuz she was sleeping. I should have taken a picture of her anyway.


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