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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today Mom, Megan and I went to my cousin's father's funeral. He isn't married to my aunt anymore but we went for my cousin. His dad was cremated. I think that was the first funeral that I went to like that. It was a nice little service and then they went to the cemetary afterwards. One of my cousins who has a little boy that is like 8 months old lives a block down from the funeral home. He didn't want to bring him to the fineral. My aunt said that we could go to their house and she would call him since we haven't met the new baby yet. My aunt said that he likes surprises too so we should just go down there. So instead of going to the cemetary we walked down to his house. Mom said that she knew what house it was and then she said she was pretty sure it was. Well, it took him a little while to answer the door. He said he looked out and didn't see a car but mom knocked a couple times so he peeked out the top window. He thought it might be Jehovah Witnesses. Mom had the funeral announcement so she asked if he wanted that.....Anyway, the new baby is SO CUTE!!!! I thought Megan's hair was curly but his is really curly and he has the biggest blue eyes. He was really smiling and then he started squealing. We were laughing. I asked Megan if we could take him home and she said yes. My cousin wouldn't let him go. What a bummer. We were told they were having a luncheon after the funeral and to tell my cousin to go but we sat and chatted with him for quite a while and then we stopped out to see my grandma.

Then we stopped at Stuff, Etc. Have you ever been there? I haven't but have been wanting to go check it out for like the past year but have never made it. Today I did! Holy smokes. We stopped at both places in Cedar Rapids. The east side must not have been having the great deal like the other side cuz even though I got 9 things it came up to $23.26. I did save $15.66 at that store. We then stopped at the store across from Westdale Mall. I got 10 things there for $8.22. I saved $13.68 there. I thought that was a great bargain. I got a pair of jeans for Megan that were priced $3.49 but I only paid .35. Yes, that is 35 cents that I paid. I think that is my new favorite bargain store!!!


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so when you taking me?


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