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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

6 days and counting.........

I have 6 days until I am due to have a baby.....Shouldn't the dr know if I might go before that or after? I am just getting really impatient waiting for the day to come. I thought if maybe I just tried to not think about it then it might happen a little sooner but it hasn't seemed to be working yet. Probably because I keep hoping when I get a little pain then that will be the start but so far it hasn't. The dr. checked me today so maybe that will get me started a little faster. He said I was dialated and getting thin. He asked me about induction and I said today. He said no. So I guess next week when I go in, if I haven't had the baby, they will set up a day to induce me. I was with my friend when she was induced at 8 a.m. and didn't have her son until 10 pm. That is a long time. I was hoping from start to finish of the pain and birth would be less than 5 hours this time since that is what it was last time and the 2nd time around is supposed to be faster. Inducing me just kind of freaks me out. Hopefully something will happen soon. The bets at work start tomorrow......I believe one for tomorrow, one for Friday, 2 for Saturday and one for Sunday. Maybe I should just tell them all that if I don't have it on any of the days they picked that the money is mine!!!!!!!!


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