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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our day at the pumpkin farm

This is my sister. I told her to hop on so I could get a picture. As she was trying to get on it there were some people waiting to go shoot some corn out in the field. Then my camera was acting up and it took a minute to take the pic. We were all laughing.
This is Kenzee and Lucas having fun with the wheelbarrows.

This is Marckus and Logan having some fun too.

This is Kenzee being silly.

This is Marckus and Megan touching the goats.

This is Kenzee and Megan playing in the corn. These are all the kids that went. Lucas, Kenzee holding Kynnedy, Megan behind Kenzee, Logan, Marckus and Eli. They are all on a turkey.



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