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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Megan posing

Megan was posing against Grandpa's remote control truck. Aunt Stacy might have a better picture of her. Pretty soon she will be trying to push it around the yard.

New cousin

Libby must be wondering what Megan is doing. Libby and Leah live in Michigan and were back in Iowa visiting so this was the first time we got to go meet Leah, live and in person. Leah is a month older than Megan is.

Guess the lighting wasn't too good in this pic. Megan is sitting on her cousin Kenzee, then Libby, Marckus is holding Leah and then Grand Ash

Friday, July 14, 2006

Birthday Boy

Well, the birthday boy's day is almost over. I can't believe that 12 years has gone by already. He was actually pretty good today. We went to the Aquatic Center with Alyssa, Gage, Kenzee, Marckus, Jamie, Brock and Desirae. I thought it would be so hot we wouldn't stay very long but we stayed for for the whole afternoon. We were going to leave an hour earlier than we did but Trent's friend Cody showed up with Trent's cousins Beau and Shay so we stayed until the next break. Jamie said that the Tama pool isn't as buzy so maybe we will try that one next or maybe by next weekend we might have our pool up and ready to go.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Discovery Channel

I seem to learn new things each time I go to a zoo. This year it was two giraffe's that were trying to do it. Well actually the dark colored giraffe was trying to get some but the female wasn't having any of that and kept trying to get away but the male kept following her around. I think by the time the male would make his mark there wouldn't be anything left since it was dripping before he even got anywhere near it's mark. hehe

Last time I went to the Omaha Zoo it was two monkeys and they were in the act. My friend's daughter was totally engrossed in watching that one.


We went to see Bigfoot today before we left to come back home.

Grant's Farm

Grant's Farm was a neat little place. I kind of liked it better than the zoo. Maybe because it wasn't so hot.

Hurricane Harbour

Megan and Cousin Kenzee posing in their swimsuits. The water was a little cold at first and Megan started to get fussy but then she was sitting in the water right along with me.


Megan's 1st vacation was to St. Louis.