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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Megan and Gracie

Here is Megan and Gracie after the wedding. Megan just wanted to swing so Gracie joined her. You can't tell how curly Megan's hair is when it is all up either.

Aunt Tiffany's Wedding

Yesterday Megan was supposed to walk down the aisle with Aiden and Gracie and drop flower petals. Even with only 22 people in the whole church she still wouldn't walk down. She was just so cute in her pretty dress. I will have to get the other pics from our camera developed and get those pics on here too. Her cousin Aiden was so cute in his little outfit. Josh and Tiffany were married on May 5 by a Justice of the Peace but she already had her dress and the bridesmaids had theirs so they just kind of renewed their vows.