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Sunday, March 16, 2008

On Friday morning at 4:15 I heard the doorbell ringing. The ex wanted to let me know that Maggie got hit. He was on his way to work and seen something was hit in front of our mailbox so he turned around. I woke Joe up and told him so he went and got the 4-wheeler and we put her on there until after work. We have an underground fence and the collars haven't being staying charged as long as normal and with all the snow that we had she would go down to the neighbors and when we would yell for her she would come back and change her collars. Thursday night Trent told me her collar wasn't working cuz his dad seen her down the road that morning. So, yes it is my fault that she got hit. If I would have changed the collar she wouldn't have left the yard. Now we won't have a bark to warn us someone is here, people won't be scared to pull into the driveway, we won't have her anymore to catch the frisbees we throw, we won't laugh when she drinks out of the garden hose (cuz that was really funny). I should have waited to tell Trent until after school. Joe called dad to see if we could bury her in their field. We didn't know if the ground would be too hard but it wasn't. Dad came down and took care of her for us. I told Trent not to go in the back shed cuz that was where she was. When he got home from school he was crying so hard I thought something else was wrong. He said it was his fault and I told him no, it wasn't, I could have changed the collar too. I told him that grandpa came and got her and he said that he wanted to say good bye. I think he must have went back to the shed and she was gone. Dad knows that I don't handle these situations very well at all. So as for now we have had several offers for new dogs but not right now. I know these things happen but it just totally sucks!!!